Landscape Audits

A holistic landscape audit identifies current performance, gaps, audience needs and opportunities to inform your content strategy.

Through a blend of discovery and analysis, we build a comprehensive working snapshot of the current competitive content environment, identify ownable topical pillars and create a holistic plan for building a true content ecosystem.

Audience review & persona definition

Determine behaviors, motivations and content needs for each audience segment.

Industry analysis & white space review

Analyze the industry landscape to identify content gaps and competitive white space you can own. 

Distribution strategy development

Review current distribution strategy approaches and identify program optimizations.

Keyword cluster matrix

Understand SEO performance through the lens of current and anticipated search behavior and best practices.

Site analytics overview

Assess current content performance data and user experience, and leverage journey mapping.

Content library analysis

Evaluate effectiveness of current content inventory to inform editorial calendar development.

Landscape audit findings drive program strategy

The needs and opportunities we uncover form the core elements that influence the development of an overall content strategy program, including:

  • Program goals and objectives
  • Audience subsegments
  • Content pillar and editorial calendar opportunities
  • Keyword cluster matrix
  • Content hub technical recommendations
  • Atomization and distribution plan recommendations
  • Consolidation and optimization plan
  • Measurement plan


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