Content Performance Score™

Imagination’s innovative content performance scoring algorithm combines metrics across three key areas to identify prime improvement opportunities.

Whether examined independently or holistically, traditional campaign, website or e-commerce metrics are not necessarily telling the whole story, or even the true story, about content performance.

Content marketing is uniquely able to grow a brand’s position in the market through three key strengths: increasing visibility, deepening engagement and establishing authority. The Content Performance Score™ maps metrics against these pillars and weights them to match each program’s specific strategies. This process enables us to deliver both a quantified and standardized picture of holistic program performance over time and an inventory of high-ROI opportunities for optimization within a content library.

Identify opportunities

Zero in on game-changing content and distribution tactics to invest in content that will have a measurable impact on business goals.

Track improvements

Run a score report on a monthly or quarterly basis to see the returns on your optimizations.

Benchmark annually

Rebenchmark your program on an annual basis to set new goals and track progress for continuous improvement.

Customize for strategy

Adjust the weighting of metrics across pillars or incorporate custom metrics to reflect your goals and objectives.

The effort/impact curve 

There is a sweet spot in the relationship between marketing investment and content impact. This is the moment when a piece of content already has enough traction that small incremental improvements will yield outsized returns in performance. The Content Performance Score™ finds the pieces that sit at this sweet spot.


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How do you score?

Let us help you identify opportunities with existing and net-new content.

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