As Storefronts Close, More Emails Are Opened

How to make the most out of your email comms right now.

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Email marketing has always been effective, but in this new environment, the results are through the roof: HubSpot reports that marketing emails are seeing record open rates averaging 25%.

At this point, you’ve likely sent out the “What we’re doing to ensure our customers’ health and safety” email. Those comms should certainly continue to go out as your policy adapts to new realities, but now is the time to consider how your brand can add even more value to recipients.

For email content ideas during coronavirus, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are there products or services that your business can now offer for free or at a discount? Peloton has taken this approach by extending its free trial period to 90 days. MasterClass is offering a buy-one-give-one-free membership deal. Giving away educational content that was once behind a paywall can build huge amounts of brand loyalty and generate word-of-mouth marketing that will be invaluable to your brand as your customers’ discretionary income returns in the future.
  • Is your company in a position to provide a uniquely helpful perspective? Financial services companies can share economic data or provide helpful guidance on applying for loans. Some restaurants, such as Pacific Standard Time in Chicago, are sharing at-home recipes for their most popular dishes.
  • Can you make it easier for someone to benefit from, donate to or get involved with a good cause? A lot of people have extra time, money or other resources and would like to help others who aren’t as fortunate—but for whatever reason they aren’t taking the initiative to put them to work. Others might qualify to access the benefits of such a program. Today, many companies and nonprofit organizations have initiatives that are combating the disruptive effects of COVID-19 in one way or another. A clear, credible email from your brand can provide the nudge people need to get involved.

If your business has a subscriber list, you can’t afford to ignore email marketing, and these are all good questions to ask yourself before pressing send.

And, as you might have noticed, they can also help guide just about any aspect of your content marketing strategy.

What’s been your brand’s approach to email marketing? Share your thoughts with us on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.

If you missed it, check out my first two articles in this series: “History says now is time to lean into marketing” and “Digital advertising ROI is sky high.”

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