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What Content Marketing KPIs Do You Use to Measure Content Success?

Digital analytics provides baseline insights into user behavior, audience growth and other metrics, but content marketing KPIs help measure content success in line with overall goals.

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Why Reading Poetry Makes You Better at Reading Data

Adding poetry to your work will help you build deeper insights, support flexibility within logical reasoning and craft more elegant, well-written reports.

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Rules to Drive ROI of Content Hubs

Content hubs are a dream to measure. Because a content hub’s got depth. It’s got breadth. It’s got flex. And it’s got data. Tons of data.

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The Thought Leadership Index™: Content Marketing’s Holy Grail

This proprietary annual benchmark combines third-party data and an independent qualitative survey to track five crucial data sets: Trust; Authority; Expertise and Foresight; Visibility; and Content Leadership.

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What the Funnel?

Last year, academics at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications in Evanston, Illinois, put forth a bold new framework with fascinating implications for content marketers.

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