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How to Do Email Marketing Like a Pro

If you’re looking to take your content strategy to the next level, you’ll need to know how to do email marketing first. Start with these tips from the pros.

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What Makes a Magazine a Magazine?

That’s the medium’s magic: It can be as mainstream or as niche as you need it to be, and it changes often enough to remain relevant.

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Best Practices for Standout Email Subject Lines

An email subject line can either be your first impression or your last. It can be the difference between connecting with a subscriber and turning them off.

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Magazine Design: Why Your Redesign Is About More Than Visuals

The best, freshest redesigns feel that way because they’re more than a fresh coat of paint — or a new set of fonts, for that matter.

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As Storefronts Close, More Emails Are Opened

Email marketing has always been effective, but in this new environment, the results are through the roof.

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Digital Advertising ROI Is Sky-High

At the same time that costs are falling, another trend is increasing the value of digital advertising for opportunistic marketers: People are consuming more digital content than they did before the pandemic.

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7 Truths About SEO Strategy

75% of experts consider content the most important aspect of an SEO-friendly site. (Keywords ranked a fairly distant No. 2.)

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What Content Marketers Need to Know About UI

The skills and mindset are different for content marketing UI projects (journalistic versus transactional). Roles and responsibilities are reassigned, too.

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Content Hub Host With the Most

Should a content hub live on your brand domain? Or should it sit in a subdomain with its own prominent landing page? Then there’s the third option: Should your hub be housed on an altogether different URL, to offer a stand-alone and subtly identified (if at all) brand connection?

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What an Audience-First Approach Means for Your Content Marketing

Know this: An audience-first approach is comprehensive. It should be part of your planning, from content strategy to content execution to distribution and analytics.

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3 Ways to Evolve Your Alumni Magazine

If you want to create — or evolve — a winning alumni magazine content strategy or design, start with these three tips.

Design Rules for a Game-Changing Content Hub

The hub has big photography and bold headlines. It tallies social shares for peer validation. The whole experience feels useful, smart, flexible — and alive.

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