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“Storytelling is such a privilege because it has the potential to create such an enormous impact.”

Emily creates compelling content that drives results.

Emily Bratcher’s Insights

Asia woman records podcast use microphone wear headphones interviewing a guest

Listen to “How to Produce a Podcast,” Ep. 2 of Our Podcast About Podcasts

It’s a great time to start a podcast. In 2021, there were 120 million podcast listeners in the U.S.—a number that Statista expects to grow to 160 million by 2023.  So what’s stopping you from launching your own?   If you’re intimidated, no need to worry. Creating a successful podcast can be within reach. Check out […]

Looking straight up between 2 tall buildings with a bridge between the 2 buildings

4 of the Most Common Questions We Get About Links, Answered

When creating content for our clients, we often get questions about links. It’s easy to see why there’s confusion and uncertainty: They can have implications for search engine optimization (SEO), conversion rate optimization (CRO) and the overall user experience (UX). Those are all important components of content marketing!    So, without further ado, here are […]

historic photograph shows women sitting next to radio listening to radio broadcast by holding headphones to ears.

Listen to “The History of Podcasting,” the First of a Three-Part Audio Series

Maybe you’re drawn to the twists and turns of Serial, the human interest stories of This American Life, or the news download offered by The Daily, but no matter what’s percolating through your AirPods, podcasts have your ear. And you’re not alone. More than 150 million Americans have listened to a podcast, which accounts for […]

portrait of a young businesswoman sitting with smart phone at the train

Increase Engagement With These 6 Social Media Copywriting Tips

A well-written social media post can cause you to stop scrolling, read it in its entirety, and maybe even take action. Even if your post includes a stunning image, you’ll need some strong copy to keep it engaging. Take National Geographic’s LinkedIn posts. You’d be hard pressed to find one image that wasn’t captivating, but […]

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